We have experience of successfully managing resource efficiency clubs (RECs) on behalf of business support organisations. Such clubs provide SME sized organisations with specialist advice and support on how to reduce costs and environmental impacts associated with waste production, water management and energy efficiency.  

The services that we can offer include:

  • Recruitment events – 2 hour workshop to provide attendees with information regarding the benefits of joining an REC and  the services offered by the REC .
  • Resource efficiency 1 day initiation event – 1 day practical workshop to provide attendees with an understanding of how to develop and implement a resource efficiency programme.
  • Resource efficiency reviews – a half to full day visit to members sites aimed at identifying cost saving opportunities. Each member would be provided with an action plan following the visit.
  • Half day workshops – provision of specific workshops on topics such as energy efficiency, water management, raw materials management, waste minimisation, packaging etc.
  • Newsletters – production of an email newsletter keeping members up to date with club news and changes in legislation and best practice.

Why us?

  • Experience of managing resource efficiency clubs in North Wales and North East England, including provision of the services stated above.
  • Undertaken over forty resources efficiency reviews for organisations from SMEs to multinationals.
  • Identified thousands of pounds of savings for club members.
  • Accredited Envirowise advisors.